To My Surprise Shuttle Service prides itself on getting you to and from your flight with the most reliable, highest efficiency and safe transit solution possible.  All passengers are required to wear proper seat restraints and all infant & toddlers must have proper safety seat provided by accompanying adult passenger. 


It is important to have all your travel documents with you.  The driver cannot turn around and go back if you forgot something.  
If you are scheduled for a home pickup you MUST be ready to go 30-45 minutes early (1hr beyond 12 miles from our office).  If you are traveling from our office you must be here 30 min prior to your shuttle time.  Our shuttle driver must stay on schedule for our hourly departure.  Drivers will do everything they can to help, however, driver cannot wait if you are late.  You may be scheduled on the next shuttle in rotation and/or charged a late fee. 
**Special notice: Shuttle times are subject to change.  During road construction or events suttles may run on adjusted schuduels.

If your flight is for some reason delayed or canceled, It is not your fault nor is it ours.

Let’s be realistic, these situations happen often, and we want to ensure that you as one of our most valued customers are able to have the most hassle free and reliable transportation service possible.

Our Standard Policy

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the highest probability of being on time:

For domestic flights: we recommend arrival at Sky Harbor 90 minutes to 2  hours before your flight departs.  For heavy flight days, holidays, etc, we recommend departing at least 3 hours before your flight leaves.

For international flights: We always recommend arrival at Sky Harbor at least 3 hours before your flight departs.

Pay our driver: If you select this option your Debit/Credit card has been 'AUTHORIZED' to reserve the seats for all members of your party. Your institution has set the funds on hold and it will reflect in your available balance. No funds have been 'DEPOSITED' to our account and will not be if you pay the driver cash/check. 

**To My Surprise Shuttle Service cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced personal items. Our drivers always check shuttles before and after dropping off or picking up riders, however personal items are regarded as passengers responsibility. If an item is lost please call us immediately regarding items you may have left on one of our shuttles. Call: (623) 218-6035.