Why should I ride with To My Surprise shuttle?
We like this question. We are proud of how we developed our system. It was mainly due to questions just like this. Because we come from an extensive work in the transportation field we have learned several aspects. The most important thing we learned was to listen to the people that travel with us. That has helped us create a system tailor made for people just like you. Upon listening we developed a simple hourly departure from Sky Harbor and from our Surprise office location (12425 W Bell Rd). This simple approach removes the crazy pickup schedules (i.e. 7:45a.m., 11:19 a.m. or a 12:21 pm). As an example, your flight departs Sky Harbor at 8:44a.m. We recommend that you reserve a seat on the 6 am. shuttle. Remember, our shuttles go DIRECT to Sky Harbor, with NO STOPS! Walla; you're at Sky Harbor for the 2 hour prior to boarding.  Imagine your flight departs at 8:21 or 8:33 or 8:51… the 6am is still the shuttle to reserve. It’s easy. Now picture your flight gets into Sky harbor at 8:56pm. We all know that means wheels on the ground. The plane still needs to taxi into the gate. Passengers will exit the plane and walk to baggage claim. You will not have to sweat it! The 10pm shuttle will be ready and waiting for your safe, fast and fun ride back to Surprise. YEP, you guessed it, DIRECT from Sky Harbor, with NO STOPS! This is why we have shuttles available every hour on the hour (4am to 10pm daily ~ 365 days a year) all available for a quick over the phone or online reservation. 

How do reservations work?
Call or go online and order your shuttle. You must have available travel itinerary, cell phone #, Email address, and credit card (to purchase or hold a reservation) and traveler(s) full name.

How does your system work?
Departing from Surprise: We have several options available: you may have someone drop you off at our terminal where you catch your reserved shuttle only 10min before the hour! Or park your car in our gated, secured and locked parking area for a nominal overnight fee (currently this is FREE). We also offer home pickup and drop off services.
Arriving at Sky Harbor: make sure to make a reservation. We pick up at the Courtesy and pre-arranged area
Terminal 2: from baggage claim, exit DOOR #8, turn left (North) & cross to the outer curb. Proceed to the "Courtesy & Prearranged" pick up area. - Shuttle departs on the hour. Be at "Courtesy & Prearranged" area 10 minutes early.
Terminal 3 or 4: - from baggage claim, exit SOUTH DOOR #6 (NORTH DOOR #3 terminal 4) to the outer curb. Proceed to the "Courtesy & Prearranged" pick up area -Shuttles depart on the hour. Be at the "Courtesy & Prearranged" area 10 minutes early.

Can you pick up? Picking you up at home, office or a hotel… YES we can!
If you don’t have a ride to/from our terminal or prefer not to park a vehicle we will pick you up. We offer curb service for an additional charge and bring you to our terminal where all passengers board, whereupon everyone goes directly to Sky Harbor! Our direct service gets you there fast, safe, convenience and AFFORDABLE… BECAUSE WE DON’T MAKE ADDITONAL STOPS ALONG THE WAY! It is a direct service!
From Sky Harbor we pick up at each terminal. We provide detail confirmation emails that give excellent and clear explanations where to go upon arrival to catch your shuttle that goes directly back to our terminal in Surprise. REMEMBER WE DON’T MAKE STOPS ALONG THE WAY!
IF you chose to have home service, the shuttle takes you to your final destination! When your home; fast, safe, convenience and AFFORDABLE!

Do you accept cash?
Just like hotels, golf courses, rental cars, resturants, etc.  a credit card number is required to hold your ride.

What are your hours?

Our shuttles run from 4am-10pm daily. 4am is our first available shuttle from surprise and a shuttle may be reserved at that time and upon each hour until 9pm. From Sky harbor our first shuttle pick up that may be reserved is 5am. Our last shuttle leaves Sky Harbor at 10pm (make sure to reserve your shuttle).
Lobby and phone hours?
Our office lobby is open Monday – Friday 9am -4pm (Arizona time). Lobby is closed on Holidays
Phones are covered daily including holidays from 6am -9pm Arizona time. (Leave a message so we may return your call).

Do you provide one ways?
YES. We offer one way service both from Sky Harbor to our terminal in Surprise and from our terminal in Surprise to Sky Harbor $39.95. See pricing for more options.
What if I forgot to order my ride, do I have to have a reservation?
We are all guilty of forgetting things from time to time. And we want to helpWe can usually help get you a seat on the shuttle. Call us 623.218.6035.
We recommend that you make your reservation to guarantee your seat on any given shuttle.
However if you want to be at our pickup point at the airport or our Surprise terminal, you may do so.
Please be aware, there may be a chance that a shuttle will not be available at the hour you want
It would be best to give us a call to check our schedule. Remember there is a discount for round trip. You can use the 2nd part of your trip anytime. We hold it for you in an open ended status. Ask for details.

Do you offer a Private shuttle?
YES!  Please call us for pricing. 623.218.6035

Can my children or grandchild(ren) travel?
All children ages 14 and younger must be a accompanied by a paying adult
Everyone over 2 years old is considered a passenger
Under 2 travels free

Do you allow pets?
YES. All pets must be collard, leashed and kenneled upon travel.  There are fees for pets $15 small and $30 large.

Emotional support animals

An emotional support animal provides support for an individual with a mental health-related disability and is not trained to perform a specific task(s) or work.

A Customer seeking to travel with an emotional support animal must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • The Customer must have the required documentation described below.
  • The emotional support animal must be either a dog or a cat.
  • Each Customer may bring only one emotional support animal on the shuttle.
  • The emotional support animal must be in a carrier that can be stowed in the back storage of shutlle or the lap of the customer on a leash at all times while in the office and/or onboard the shuttle.

Even if an emotional support animal is not trained to perform a specific task for the person with the disability, the animal must be trained to behave properly in a public setting and under the control of the handler at all times. An animal that engages in disruptive behavior may be denied boarding. Examples of disruptive behavior include (but are not limited to):

  • Scratching, excessive whining or barking
  • Growling, biting, lunging
  • Urinating or defecating in the office or on shuttle.
  • Cleaining fee upto $100 may be assessed

NOTE: Therapy animals, which provide affection or comfort to members of the public and are not trained to perform a specific task(s) for an individual related to a disability, are eligible to travel for a fee. 

Do you allow excess luggage/bags?
Yes. Simply let us know you have extra luggage, golf bags or other additional items.  Additional fees may be added, refer to number of items chart when selecting your ride.  You may also provide a note when placing your order in the 'Is there anything else we should know' section. Or please tell us when placing your order.

Are there any oversize/overweight luggage restrictions?
Our drivers cannot handle large or bulky items by themselves. 51lbs+ you will have to load/unload yourself. A fee will be added depending on size and weight.

How much does it cost?
A one person one ticket (either direction. i.e. to/from our terminal in Surprise or to/from Sky Harbor) is $39.95. Two people one is $59.95. Three people is $69.95. Please call for larger parties.
A round trip ticket for one person is $69.95 (either direction. i.e. to/from our terminal in Surprise or to/from Sky Harbor). Two people is $98.95 and three is $118.95. Four is $138.95 Please call for larger parties.
Remember we offer a gated and locked lot for parking your vehicle (currently free).
We also offer home, office or hotel pickup/drop off service for additional charges.

What happens if my plane is early?
As soon as you are aware please call our main #623.218.6035 and we will see if we have an early shuttle reserved and if there are available seats and you are most welcome to come aboard!

What happens if my plane arrives late?
It is neither your fault, nor our fault when an airline arrives early or late. Please call as soon as you are aware.  Although our drivers watch incoming flights; some information is delayed or not readily available.  We will pick you up on the next available shuttle and get you back to Surprise as promptly as possible.  Note: this is why we need accurate flight information from you or when you book online.   

What happens If the a rider causes the shuttle to be late for other riders?   If you or your party cause the driver to be late you may be charged.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Refund / Cancellation policy
There is a 10% charge (min of $5.00) admin fee on all refunds.
You must call at least 6 hours prior to cancel your shuttle time to avoid any fees.
NO REFUNDS for no shows. (cash customers ~ credit card on hold will be charged full fare for no show)
AZ Transit LLC (dba To My Surprise shuttle), its owners and employees are not responsible for any loss of time due to flight delays/traffic delays, detours, construction projects, etc.. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. Please call us for items you may have left on our shuttles.
What happens if there is a traffic jam or accident on the way to/from the airport?
Although traffic delays and unforeseen accidents do occur and we employee top notch professional safe drivers, the drivers will do all they can to avoid blocked traffic and take alternate routes.
TO MY SURPRISE is not responsible for traffic delays, detours, construction project, etc.