About Us

Hi I’m Roxy Vendena, President of TO MY SURPRISE SHUTTLE SERVICE.
In 2003, my wife and I came to Phoenix for a few days with some friends. One day we headed west and discovered Surprise, Arizona.
To My Surprise, we fell in love with this City!
To My Surprise, we found ourselves purchasing a home in Sun City Grand. Since day one, we have enjoyed all the time we spend here. We play golf and enjoy the friends we have made over the past several years.
For business reasons, I travel frequently back and forth.
I discovered, To My Surprise, that getting to and from the airport could be a real challenge. There were lots of services available. I’ve tried them all - taxis, small shuttle companies, large shuttle companies, even the private guys using their own cars.
Pricing was all over the board, from $37.00 to 110.00.
…And that’s just one way!
So let me share an experience I had back in 2009 with a local shuttle company who will go un-named. I booked a ride with this shuttle service for my flight coming into Phoenix.
I landed at Sky Harbor on a Sunday just around 6:15 PM, Terminal 2
I just had a carry on so I called the service to notify them I was in, and then headed out to catch the shuttle van. It arrived in about 15 minutes. (Not bad)
I climbed on board and the shuttle driver closed the door and we took off.
I called my wife and told her I would call when I was about 20 minutes from home, so would she run to the store and pick up something to throw on the grill.
…But something went wrong – after stoping at each terminal for about 5 minutes at a time, instead of exiting the airport, we began to circle around again to terminal 2 where I was picked up 20 minutes ago.
We stopped and set there for 8-10 minutes, pulled out and went to terminal 3, someone boarded, and we proceeded to terminal 4 where we set for another 5 minutes or so, then we circled back around to terminal 2 again and on and on until finally we had 8 people.
Finally, we exited the airport at about 7:45
...But it gets worse
After weaving in and out of various communities, (getting lost 1 time and having to back track), it was my turn.
I opened my front door at almost 11:30 that night
Needles to say, the bar-b-q was not fired up that night.
Does this sound just a little familiar to you?
I brought up the subject at social gatherings with friends and acquaintances and I heard some of their horror stories, I realized something really needed to be done.
I began to do my research and found out a lot!
A rapidly growing mobile community such as ours requires a transportation service that can professionally address traveling to and from the airport.
Our community deserves:
• A shuttle service: That provides a safe ride with good clean well maintained equipment.

• A shuttle service that is reliable with a constant predictable schedule that is simple to understand.
• A shuttle service that is “home grown” with local ownership.
• A shuttle service with a courteous team made up of local folks
• A shuttle service that listens and understands what the customer wants
• A shuttle service that is transparent, friendly, and approachable
• A shuttle service that not only helps promote, but also supports the community and, gets involved.
• A shuttle service with D.O.T. certified drivers with excellent driving records.
• A shuttle service that is first class and still affordable to everyone
…So I decided I would start my own airport shuttle service and operate it in a way that fits the criteria listed above

In August of 2010, we opened the doors at our new facility

We began to address all the needs and wants from our community regarding airport travel. And we keep improving by listening to what our clients are saying, and making adjustments based on what we hear.
Today, we have a smooth running operation and are proud to say we have transported over 70,000 people, and counting!
TO MY SURPRISE SHUTTLE SERVICES has become a strong and vibrant company and it all began right here in this great City of Surprise!